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Visit Waterfront Restaurants Near Weehawken NJ For Scenic Dining

Visit the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken NJ for scenic dining. Famous for panoramic skyline views, these Hudson waterfront restaurants offer a chic urban setting to enjoy award-winning meals. Their menus boast a range of delicious modern American, Mediterranean, and seafood cuisines. Pair these dishes with scenic waterfront views for a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. As a foodie in Weehawken, visit Waterside Restaurant to celebrate special occasions with handcrafted cocktails, a standout meal, and gorgeous water views. Read on to learn about the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken for scenic dining in New Jersey.

Choose Indoor/Outdoor Dining

Visit waterfront restaurants near Weehawken to experience scenic indoor/outdoor dining. Waterside features multiple indoor/outdoor spaces with completely unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline, Hudson River, and New York. The outdoor patio creates an upscale setting for lunch, happy hour, or a romantic dinner. Plus, you can enjoy scenic Hudson River sunsets with a signature cocktail. During winter, the glass walls and roof make the patio a comfortable spot for dining with a view. Indoors, the restaurant features a city-chic atmosphere – allowing guests to unwind and savor delectable dishes. Additionally, you can book luxurious private event spaces to celebrate special occasions. Definitely, visit the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken NJ to enjoy scenic indoor/outdoor dining.

Start With A Handcrafted Cocktail

When you visit waterfront restaurants near Weehawken, start the night with a signature handcrafted cocktail. The scenic waterfront views in Weehawken are best enjoyed with creative cocktails. Waterside’s full-service bar serves a range of handcrafted cocktails that are sure to WOW every guest. Celebrate the night with the signature martini or order Applewood Old-Fashioned – prepared with an orange twist. In addition to an unparalleled taste, these handcrafted cocktails offer a great presentation too. For a formal lunch, you can also opt for a tea, hot beverage, or a refreshing mocktail. Definitely, visit the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken to enjoy handcrafted cocktails with scenic views.

Order Award-Winning Seafood Cuisines

Next, order award-winning seafood cuisines at the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken NJ. The seafood menu features multiple fresh authentic entrees – cooked to perfection. Enjoy a range of fresh fish, served with flavorful sauces and toppings. Plus, you can also order lobster, salmon, clams, shrimp, and raw oysters. These seafood cuisines taste even better when savored right on the Hudson waterfront – next to stunning waterfront views. For non-seafood lovers, the menu also features delicious steak, chicken, pasta, and salads. Definitely, enjoy scenic dining at waterfront restaurants near Weehawken with award-winning seafood cuisines.

Enjoy Panoramic Skyline Views

Enjoy panoramic skyline views at the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken NJ for scenic dining. Located right on the Hudson waterfront, this upscale restaurant features stunning cityscape views – including the Empire State Building, Wall Street, and World Trade Center. At night, the glittering NYC skyline sets the stage for truly unforgettable dining with friends, family, and loved ones. Whether you’re at the bar or outdoor patio, the restaurant always offers front-row seats to gorgeous views. Definitely, visit waterfront restaurants near Cliffside Park NJ to enjoy panoramic skyline views for scenic dining.

Stay For The Nightlife

After dinner, stay and enjoy the unparalleled nightlife at the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken, NJ. When the lights go down, pair your scenic dining experience with signature drinks, great ambiance, and live entertainment. Visit our lounge and bar to refresh with another hand-crafted drink to end the night. On weekends, live music and popular DJs set the stage for a fun, energetic, and memorable night. Of course, the splendid skyline views always contribute to an incredible night out. Definitely, enjoy the nightlife at the best waterfront restaurants in Weehawken NJ offering scenic dining.

Visit the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken NJ to experience scenic dining. Upon arrival, choose between indoor/outdoor dining and soak in the skyline views. Next, order a signature handcrafted cocktail to start the night. Restaurants with NYC views offer award-winning seafood menus with fresh, local, and authentic entrees. During dinner, don’t forget to enjoy panoramic skyline views, which look more stunning at night. Finally, enjoy the vibrant nightlife to end your dinner on an energetic note. Click here to visit the best waterfront restaurants near Weehawken for scenic dining.

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