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Experience The Best Hudson Waterfront Restaurant With Stunning Views

Experience the best Hudson waterfront restaurant with stunning views. While the views remain breathtaking, dining experiences along the Hudson River have changed significantly in recent years. Today, the Hudson waterfront is a destination to savor award-winning eats and enjoy spectacular cityscape scenery. Whether you’re searching for an upscale dinner, romantic date-night spot, or cocktails overlooking Hudson riverfront sunsets – the best waterfront restaurants in NJ have it all. Experience the lively and vibrant NJ dining scene at this Hudson riverfront restaurant with stunning skyline views.

Book An Online Reservation

Make a convenient, seamless online reservation to experience NJ’s best Hudson waterfront restaurant tonight. You’re going to want to book reservations early – especially for busy weekends, holiday events, or larger groups. With high-demand all-year-round, the best waterfront sports can be hard to get into. Of course, you can make your reservations up to two months in-advance. To get in, click here reserve your table on OpenTable. Make sure to verify the date, time, and party size before confirming. Certainly, book an online reservation to experience the best restaurants along the Hudson waterfront.

Get A Table Overlooking The Water

For an unrivaled dining experience at Hudson waterfront restaurants, ask for a table overlooking the water. No matter where you sit, panoramic views create an unforgettable setting at Waterside. Experience spectacular views from just about anywhere in this riverfront restaurant in NJ. There’s a wide range of seating options where you can enjoy completely unobstructed views of the Hudson River and iconic Manhattan cityscape. It’s near-impossible to find water views like this anywhere else in NJ or NY. Elevate your meal and dining experience with a table overlooking the Hudson at this waterfront restaurant. 

Order A Handcrafted Cocktail

Start your dining experience at this Hudson waterfront restaurant with a mixologist-inspired cocktail. Handcrafted drinks, unforgettable experiences, and spectacular views come together perfectly at Waterside. Our waterfront bar showcases a wide range of unique cocktails, fine wines, and craft beers – unparalleled in variety and taste. And of course, the Hudson River and NYC skyline creates a breathtaking setting to enjoy your exquisitely-prepared drink. Certainly, start your dining experience with a handcrafted cocktail from Hudson waterfront restaurants in NJ.

Indulge In World-Class Cuisine

The best Hudson waterfront restaurants feature world-class cuisine to elevate your dining experience. Waterside’s cuisine is modern with Mediterranean influences – featuring a strong focus on fresh & sustainable seafood. The menu was designed and perfected by our CIA-Trained, executive chef-owner. Our cuisine places an emphasis on fresh ingredients, bold tastes, and seasonal offerings. Everything is perfectly combined with Waterside’s unforgettable scenery, impeccable service, and genuine hospitality. Surely, elevate your experience at the most famous restaurants in NJ with world-class, chef-curated cuisine. 

Stay For The Vibrant Nightlife

After dinner at Hudson waterfront restaurants in NJ, stay for the vibrant nightlife. Your dining experience shouldn’t end after the dessert is served. Party at Waterside – the iconic nightlife destination everyone’s been talking about. And of course, you obviously want some sophistication and luxury to come with your nightlife. We’re the perfect spot, offering VIP bottle service, exclusive lounge seating, and live music from the hottest local DJs. Don’t leave after dinner, stay for the nightlife at this Hudson waterfront restaurant near NYC.

Experience the best Hudson waterfront restaurants with stunning skyline views. To start, make an easy online reservation – click here to book a table now. Make sure you request a table overlooking the water. When you arrive, order a handcrafted, mixologist-inspired cocktail. Then, indulge in Waterside’s world-class, chef-curated cuisine. After dinner is served, stay for the vibrant VIP nightlife. Follow the points above to learn about dining experiences at the best Hudson waterfront restaurants in NJ.

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