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The Best Spot For Scenic Waterfront Dining In NJ

Explore the best spot for scenic waterfront dining in NJ. Nothing beats the stunning waterfront views at an upscale waterfront restaurant near Hoboken NJ. Whatever the occasion, pair these picturesque sights with award-winning meals for a truly scenic dining experience. Plus, Waterside Restaurants offers one-of-a-kind establishments to the state’s iconic NYC skyline views. As a foodie yourself, visit this local spot to celebrate special occasions – next to the Hudson waterfront. Keep reading to learn more about the best spot for scenic waterfront dining in New Jersey.

Breathtaking Skyline Views

Experience breathtaking skyline views with waterfront dining in NJ. Situated right on the banks of the Hudson River, the iconic Manhattan skyline is a major attraction at Waterside Restaurant. Reserve a table at the outdoor patio for unobstructed views of the NYC skyline. Or, stay indoors and soak in the skyline views through floor-to-ceiling windows. These unparalleled views are sure to add a unique touch to your visit – elevating the overall dining experience. Indeed, take in the breathtaking skyline views at the best spot for scenic waterfront dining in NJ.

Handcrafted, Mixologist-Inspired Cocktails

Visit the best waterfront dining spot in NJ to experience handcrafted, mixologist-inspired cocktails. There’s nothing like sipping on your favorite cocktail with the sights of the Hudson waterfront. Whether you want a drink after a long day or sit down with friends, this iconic spot has got you covered. Our mixologists prepare a variety of handcrafted cocktails to cool off during hot New Jersey summers. Specialty cocktails, craft beer, and wine – you’ve got plenty of options to enjoy the remarkable views. Definitely, order handcrafted, mixologist-inspired cocktails at the best spot for waterfront dining in NJ.

A Fresh, CIA-Chef-Inspired Menu

The best spot for scenic waterfront dining in NJ offers a fresh, CIA chef-inspired menu. This upscale Mediterranean restaurant specializes in a variety of seafood cuisines – prepared with a twist. While everything on the menu stands out, seared sea scallops are a must-try at this waterfront restaurant near Weehawken NJ. Prepared by a CIA-trained chef, this extensive menu features many signature dishes – including pan-roasted salmon, black ink pasta, and seafood capellini. Of course, as you explore the award-winning menu, don’t forget to enjoy the great waterfront views. Indeed, order fresh from the CIA chef-inspired menu at the best spot for scenic waterfront dining in New Jersey.

Romantic & Sophisticated Atmosphere

Featuring a sophisticated atmosphere, the best waterfront dining spot in NJ is ideal for a romantic night out. Modern Mediterranean flavors and unobstructed city views sum up a romantic dinner at Waterside. This local spot offers a unique way to enjoy food, sights, and a memorable time with your partner. Just a few feet away from the water, the outdoor porch creates the ideal atmosphere for a romantic dinner. Or, you can sit inside the covered patio to experience the skyline views with your date. Indeed, visit the best spot with scenic waterfront dining in NJ to experience a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Live Music Along The Hudson

Experience the best spot for scenic waterfront dining with live music along the Hudson, NJ. Waterside Restaurant is the perfect destination to enjoy live music after your dinner. Live DJ performances on the scenic Hudson River waterfront make your dining experience even more memorable. Our weekly live music is perfect for date night or an evening out. Enjoy a scenic spot with live music, cocktails, beer, and VIP bottle service. Certainly, reserve a spot for scenic waterfront dining with live music along the Hudson River in NJ.

There are several best spots for scenic waterfront dining in NJ. These restaurants with NYC views offer breathtaking Manhattan skyline views. Scenic restaurants also offer handcrafted, mixologist-inspired cocktails suiting every taste and preference. You can also explore a fresh, CIA chef-inspired menu at these best scenic waterfront dining restaurants. Treat your date to a romantic dinner with a sophisticated atmosphere – next to stunning Hudson River views. After dinner, enjoy the live DJ performances along with VIP bottle services. Click here to reserve a table at the best spot for scenic waterfront dining in NJ.

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