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Why Restaurants In Union City NJ Are The Go-To Dining Destination

Discover why restaurants in Union City NJ are go-to dining destinations. With its proximity to Hoboken, Weehawken, and North Bergen, Union City is home to a number of unique and popular restaurants on the water in NJ. From breathtaking New York City views to award-winning Meditarranean-inspired cuisine – these local spots offer everything for a memorable dining experience. As a foodie yourself, now’s the time to visit an upscale waterfront restaurant near Bergen County NJ to experience skyline views, impeccable service, and bold flavors. Read on to learn why Union City restaurants are a go-to upscale dining destination in New Jersey.

Unparalleled NYC Skyline Views

Unparalleled NYC skyline views make Union City restaurants a popular go-to dining destination in NJ. A date night or a family dinner – nothing beats a memorable dinner with panoramic NYC views. Even better? You can reserve a table a few steps away from the water to dine with scenic cityscape views. An upscale dining destination, Waterside allows guests to pair an award-winning meal with an unparalleled skyline experience. Indoors, gaze outside the floor-to-ceiling windows – overlooking mid-town Manhattan for a scenic dining experience. Indeed, reserve a table at the go-to dining restaurants in Union City NJ to experience unparalleled NYC skyline views.

Stunning Waterfront Location

Stunning waterfront location is another factor that makes restaurants in Union City NJ a go-to dining destination. Located right next to the Hudson River, this popular destination offers sweeping waterfront views. Reserve a table right next to the water and relax with your friends, family, or loved ones. A riverfront location, chef-inspired meals, and skyline views – nothing gets better than dining next to the water. Looking for a scenic Waterfront destination? Waterside Restaurant is the ideal spot to celebrate any occasion. Certainly, experience the stunning waterfront location at the go-to dining restaurants near Union City NJ.

World-Class Dining Experiences

Enjoy a world-class dining experience at the go-to dining restaurants in Union City NJ. Waterside’s award-winning menu features world-class cuisines – providing guests with a unique dining experience. Our CIA-trained chefs use the freshest locally sourced ingredients to prepare award-winning cuisines, featuring bold flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or pasta, Waterside is the go-to destination for a world-class meal. Plus, the warm and welcoming ambiance accounts for a truly elevated dining experience. Indeed, a world-class dining experience makes Union City restaurants a go-to dining spot in NJ.

Romantic Outdoor Seating

The best restaurants in Union City NJ are a go-to destination for romantic dinners with outdoor seating. An outdoor dinner with panoramic views always counts for a special experience with your partner. Whether it’s a first date or a wedding anniversary – Waterside’s outdoor patio is an excellent spot to spend a memorable time together. In addition to CIA-chef-inspired meals, signature cocktails, and decadent desserts – the overlooking panoramic skyline views are perfect to elevate your romantic night out. Indeed, experience the outdoor seating at the best romantic restaurants in NJ.

High-End Cocktails & Wines

Finally, high-end cocktails & wines are two major reasons why restaurants in Union City NJ are a go-to dining spot. Pair your fun night out with Waterside’s signature mixologist-inspired cocktails. A night out with friends or a birthday dinner – you’ll find a variety of cocktails, craft, beers, and wines to celebrate the night. A few guest-favorite hand-crafted cocktails include spicy mango margarita, black cherry moon, and applewood old-fashioned. Plus, our drinks menu features a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for a regular evening out on a weekday. Definitely, high-end cocktails & wine menu make Union City restaurants the go-to dining destination in New Jersey.

There are several reasons why restaurants in Union City NJ are a popular go-to dining destination. These top-rated places to eat on the water in NJ feature panoramic NYC skyline views – ideal for a romantic evening or a date night. Plus, this local spot is located right next to the water, providing guests with a stunning waterfront dining destination. As you sit at the table, browse through the award-winning menu to experience a world-class dining experience. Or, reserve a table at the outdoor patio to spend a romantic evening with your partner – overlooking the cityscape views. Finally, call the night with our range of signature hand-crafted cocktails. Ready to experience the most popular go-to dining destination? Click here to reserve a table at the best waterfront restaurants in Union City NJ.

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